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Enquiry - private expenditure record

Enquiry - private expenditure recordDuring a full enquiry into your tax return, if you are self-employed you can expect the inspector to start asking questions about your private expenditure. The presumption is that any "missing" takings from the busin... Read more

Changing interview notes

Changing interview notesIf you attend an enquiry interview, the tax inspector will make their own notes of what they "think" was said and use them against you if they can. They will probably try to get you to sign them as a true record of what came up ... Read more

Employee expenses policy

Employee expenses policyFrom 6 April 2016 responsibility for determining whether business expenses reimbursed to employees and directors are exempt of tax and NI rests with the employer. To aid with this it's good practice to have an expenses policy i... Read more

Mobile phone declaration

Mobile phone declarationThe old rule was that you could have as many mobile phones as you liked, tax and NI free. Now it's down to one per employee. If you have more than one, you will need to declare which one is to be your tax-exempt phone.Choose yo... Read more

Checklist for challenging an HMRC business economics exercise

Checklist for challenging an HMRC business economics exerciseIn the pursuit of tax collection targets there is now a much greater willingness by HMRC to displace the profits shown by your accounts with an estimate based on a simple business economics... Read more

Pool car journey record

Pool car journey recordFor a company car to count as a pool car (meaning that employees who use it aren't taxed on it as a benefit) it must not be used for private journeys. HMRC may ask for evidence of this. You should maintain a log of all journeys ... Read more

Employee loan agreement

Employee loan agreementTo avoid a payment to an employee/director being treated (and taxed) as additional salary, you could reclassify it as a fixed-rate loan. What documentation will HMRC need to be convinced about this?Inexpensive financeThe income ... Read more

Staff suggestion scheme rules

Staff suggestion scheme rulesYou might want to reward your employees for certain ideas that contribute to the success of your business. Previously by concession, this is now a statutory exemption. However, there are conditions you'll have to meet.Fina... Read more

Salary sacrifice policy

Salary sacrifice policyIf you want to implement a salary sacrifice scheme in your company, make sure you insert the relevant policy in your staff handbook. Scheme particularsIncluding a Salary Sacrifice Policy in your staff handbook is important both... Read more

CGT negligible value claim

CGT negligible value claimIf you own an asset that has become of negligible value, i.e. worthless, you can make a negligible value claim to HMRC which entitles you to treat the asset as if it were sold for nothing. The effect of this is to create a c... Read more
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