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Director's loan account write-off letter

Director's loan account write-off letterAn overdrawn director's loan account can be cleared by the company if the directors or shareholders agree to write the loan off. However, it must get the paperwork right.Reporting requirementsWhere a director or ... Read more

Licence agreement

Licence agreementWhere your company makes a payment to you in return for being allowed to use your home or other property for its business, you should draw up an agreement to formalise the arrangement. A licence agreement, rather than a lease, provid... Read more

CGT schedule of capital enhancements

CGT schedule of capital enhancements The cost of structural alterations or improvements to properties counts as capital expenses (enhancements). They can be deducted as expenses when calculating the capital gain or loss following the sale of the prop... Read more

CGT EIS deferral relief claim

CGT EIS deferral relief claim Investing in enterprise investment scheme (EIS) shares gives you an opportunity to defer capital gains tax (CGT) that would otherwise be payable.claiming reliefEIS deferral relief, sometimes referred to as EIS rein... Read more

Childcare voucher salary sacrifice policy

Childcare voucher salary sacrifice policyWhere childcare is provided by way of voucher, the first £55* per week is tax free if certain conditions are met. Whether you administer a voucher scheme yourself or engage an external voucher provider, you n... Read more

Complaint letter

Complaint letterUltimately, the Adjudicator's Office handles all complaints about HMRC. However, the adjudicator will only examine a complaint if it has been through the proper levels of authority within HMRC first. It's the same letter but to differen... Read more

Employees using their own cars for business policy

Employees using their own cars for business policyIf employees use their own vehicles for business journeys, you should have a company policy which spells out the situation regarding insurance, parking and mileage rates at which you will reimburse th... Read more

Golden hello payment letter

Golden hello payment letterAn inducement payment will sometimes be made to a new employee. Such a payment will normally be taxable. Exceptionally, it may be tax-free if you can demonstrate that the payment is not by reason of the employment. How can ... Read more

Surplus income record

Surplus income recordThere is an inheritance tax exemption for monetary gifts made out of your surplus income.The exemption relies heavily on identifying the amount of surplus income you have. A simple annual record can be used for this purpose.Gifts... Read more

Allocation of savings interest agreement

Allocation of savings interest agreement If spouses or civil partners do not want a 50/50 split of savings interest, they can declare that income be split according to each person's beneficial entitlement as detailed in a written agreement.Beneficial o... Read more
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