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Employee equipment allowance

Employee equipment allowanceWhere your employees use personally owned or rented equipment for work, you can reimburse them the business element of their costs tax and NI free. Quantifying the amount you can pay without having to apply PAYE can be tri... Read more

Employee business mileage record

Employee business mileage recordEmployees and directors are required to keep a detailed record of journeys for which they receive a mileage allowance from their employer or where they claim a tax deduction for business travel. A copy of the record sh... Read more

Employee expenses claim form

Employee expenses claim formWhere an employee or director claims expenses from your business you should ask them to provide details for your accounting and tax records. The need to keep recordsEach employee who claims business expenses over the year ... Read more

IHT transferable nil rate band checklist

Transferable nil rate band checklistWhen one spouse dies before the other, any unused nil rate band can be transferred to their surviving spouse. But HMRC will require details of the inheritance tax history of the first death in order to agree any cl... Read more

Consultancy agreement

Consultancy agreementIf you're a one-man service company, then you could be caught by IR35 if HMRC deems the contract between you and the client as one of employment rather than self-employment. Having a consultancy agreement in place can provide evid... Read more

Nominating a main residence election

Nominating a main residence election If you own two or more properties which you use as homes, say your main house and a holiday home, you can choose which qualifies as your main residence for capital gains tax private residence relief.More than oneT... Read more

Capital allowances election for fixtures in buildings

Capital allowances election for fixtures in buildingsWhen a commercial building is sold the seller and the purchaser can agree to apportion part of the price to fixtures which qualify for capital allowances, i.e. plant, machinery and integral feature... Read more

In-year pension contribution - claim for tax relief

In-year pension contribution - claim for tax reliefAnyone who pays tax through PAYE can obtain tax relief for pension contributions by an adjustment to their tax code. One way to achieve this is to write to HMRC.When to use this formIf you pay contri... Read more

CGT schedule of capital enhancements

CGT schedule of capital enhancements The cost of structural alterations or improvements to properties counts as capital expenses (enhancements). They can be deducted as expenses when calculating the capital gain or loss following the sale of the prop... Read more

CGT EIS deferral relief claim

CGT EIS deferral relief claim Investing in enterprise investment scheme (EIS) shares gives you an opportunity to defer capital gains tax (CGT) that would otherwise be payable.claiming reliefEIS deferral relief, sometimes referred to as EIS rein... Read more
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