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Remittance basis election

Remittance basis electionIf you live in the UK, but are not domiciled here, you may benefit from making a claim to be taxed on the remittance basis.Remittance basisA UK resident taxpayer is generally subject to UK tax on their worldwide income. Resid... Read more

Employee provision of home telephone policy

Employee - provision of home telephone policyIf one or more of your employees work from home and need a landline phone for work purposes, you might agree to provide the equipment and pay the rent and call charges. HMRC may argue that a benefit in kin... Read more

Cars and car allowances policy

Cars and car allowances policyIf you provide your employees with a car you can use a policy to set the detailed terms and conditions of its use. However, you must now provide the key information relating to benefits, including company cars, in the wr... Read more

IHT claim for fall in value relief for land and buildings

IHT claim for fall in value relief for land and buildingsWhere, within four years of the date of the deceased's death, a property in their estate is sold at open market value for less than probate value, you can make a claim to recalculate the inherit... Read more

Record of gifts

Record of giftsOne way to reduce an inheritance tax (IHT) bill is to simply give away your wealth during your lifetime. Keeping a record of the gifts you've made and IHT exemptions claimed will help the executors of your estate tackle any queries fro... Read more

Log of UK visits

Log of UK visitsIf you are non-UK resident under the statutory residence test, you will only be taxable on your UK sourced income. Use our handy log to record your visits to the UK each year.ResidenceResidence is an important concept in UK taxation. ... Read more

Chattel lease

Chattel leaseIn order for a gift to be effective for inheritance tax (IHT) purposes, you must be excluded from benefiting, other than to a minimal extent, from the asset given away. However, you can use the asset without jeopardising your IHT positio... Read more

Amending a personal tax return letter

Amending a personal tax return letterYou are entitled to amend entries on your personal self-assessment tax return within the "amendment window". Where you completed and submitted your return electronically either using HMRC's or commercial software, yo... Read more

Enquiry - capital statement checklist

Enquiry - capital statement checklistDuring an enquiry HMRC may require a so-called capital statement to be prepared. Preparing an accurate statement is important to settling the enquiry. Use our checklist to help you produce your capital statement.w... Read more

Overpayment relief claim

Overpayment relief claim Where you discover a mistake in your tax return which resulted in you paying or owing more tax than was properly payable, and it's too late to correct under self-assessment rules, you can make an overpayment relief claim. T... Read more
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