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Memo: invoices for motor expenses

Memo: invoices for motor expensesHow expenses are controlled is always at the top of HMRC's list of questions during a compliance visit. Using our memo should help you to dismiss enquiries about motor expenses very quickly, before they become too deta... Read more

Letter of wishes to accompany a will

Letter of wishes to accompany a willUsing a letter of wishes can remove uncertainty for those looking after your money and assets after you die.UncertaintyWhen you draft your will you generally express exactly how you want your estate to be divided u... Read more

Deed of assignment of life policy

Deed of assignment of life policyAs part of your estate planning you might want to transfer a life insurance policy to someone else, say a son or daughter. You can do this by assigning the benefits of the policy to them. Share your estateYou cannot g... Read more

Licence agreement (commercial property)

Licence agreement for commercial propertyThere are various reasons why you might not want to offer someone a lease over a property. A licence to occupy land or buildings, unlike a lease, does not convey exlusive right over the property. licence agree... Read more

Salary sacrifice letter to employee

Salary sacrifice letter to employeeWhere you enter into a salary sacrifice arrangement with an employee it will only be effective for tax and NI purposes where you have notified them of the consequences. Benefit in kind instead of salarySince 6 April... Read more

Licence agreement (garage)

Licence agreement (garage)Where you use your garage for storage on behalf of your company, it can pay you rent. The arrangement should be formalised by a licence agreement which gives the company non-exclusive rights over the property.Company storage... Read more

Deed of trust for property

Deed of trust for propertyIf property is owned jointly, HMRC tax any rental income on each of the joint owners equally. However, a deed of trust can be used to transfer some or all of the beneficial entitlement from one joint owner to the other so th... Read more

Deed of variation

Deed of variationThe terms of a will can be varied by agreement among the beneficiaries so that the residue of an estate passes on different terms than those included in the will. This is known as a deed of variation. These are often used to improve ... Read more

What HMRC is likely to ask

What HMRC is likely to askThere's a pretty standard set of questions that the inspector will ask at interview. These are mostly designed to undermine the records you've kept and so allow them to make a demand for tax on missing income/profits or over-cl... Read more

Wastage losses record

Wastage/losses recordHMRC typically uses a mark-up of purchases to selling price to construct an anticipated sales figure. However, this doesn't generally allow for wastage/write-offs. So what simple records could you keep about "wastage"?Wasted stockProd... Read more
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