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Accounts - obligation for past event note

Accounts - obligation for past event noteOne tax game that's played every year end involves getting tax relief before you've spent any money. Quite often you don't get the actual invoice in before the year-end. So instead you can include in your account... Read more

Dividend waiver

Dividend waiverA dividend waiver is a document produced by a sharelder to show that they have given up (waived) their right to one or more dividends that they would otherwise be entitled to. A waiver can be used in income tax and inheritance tax plan... Read more

Employee homeworking expenses policy

Employee homeworking expenses policyThe increasing tendency for individuals to work from home raises the question of which home-related costs can be reimbursed tax free by an employer. So you'll need a company policy making it clear to your employees ... Read more

Lottery syndicate agreement

Lottery syndicate agreementAre you in a lottery syndicate? Did you know that any winnings (football pools, National Lottery etc.) by the syndicate leader are potentially chargeable to inheritance tax as part of their estate? So what do you need to pu... Read more

Enquiry - challenging a business economics exercise

Enquiry - challenging a business economics exercise There can be many reasons for challenging an HMRC business economics exercise, but you must have good grounds for doing so. Are your records deficient?HMRC's business economics exercise approach to i... Read more

CGT rollover relief claim

CGT rollover relief claim When you've sold an asset that was used in your business, and this results in a capital gain, it's possible to defer or even avoid tax on this by claiming rollover relief. Selling a business assetCapital gains tax (CGT) applie... Read more

Directors' benefits in kind - board minutes and contract clause

Directors' benefits in kind - board minute and contract clauseWhere your company provides a director with benefits in kind, it's good practice for the arrangement to be recorded in a board minute and in the director's contract. remunertation packageThe... Read more

Company trading status report

Company trading status reportBusiness property relief is available on shares in unquoted companies if certain conditions are met. This means 100% of the market value of those shares will escape inheritance tax. However, HMRC can take this relief away... Read more

Contract for services

Contract for servicesHMRC's aim is to reclassify freelancers such as consultants as employees and insist that PAYE and NI is due on the total amount paid to them. Having a realistic contract for services in place will provide evidence that the engagem... Read more

Electronic devices policy

Electronic devices policyWhen removing the Home Computer Initiative back in 2006, HMRC accidentally opened the door to charging tax on private use of any electronic device, such as a laptop or tablet, provided to employees by their company. How can y... Read more
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