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Chattels checklist

Chattels checklistAnything moveable that is sold with a property is generally not considered to be part of it and so is not subject to stamp duty land tax (SDLT). The purchaser will save SDLT by allocating any of the purchase price to chattels. Equal... Read more

Product mix reconstruction

Product mix reconstructionWhen carrying out a business economics exercise, the tax inspector will often use an industry average mark-up of purchases to selling price to construct a sales figure. But this simple calculation doesn't take into account yo... Read more

Rental business employee's job description

Rental business employee's job descriptionYou can claim a tax deduction for the cost of paying someone, including a spouse or civil partner, to manage a property you let. HMRC may ask for details of their role so you need to justify paying them. Wage... Read more

Employees' incidental overnight expenses policy

Employees' incidental overnight expenses policyIf an employee has to stay away overnight on business, there are some tax and NI-free expense payments you can make. To achieve this you'll need to have a company policy in place to avoid an employee claim... Read more

Enquiry - notice out of time letter

Enquiry - notice out of time letterTo start an enquiry into your personal tax HMRC must notify you of its intention within a deadline. Before you reply to any questions HMRC raises, check that the enquiry notice has been issued in time. If not you s... Read more

Claim for a capital loss for an irrecoverable loan to a trader

Claim for a capital loss for an irrecoverable loan to a traderIf you made a loan to a business which it cannot repay, the amount remaining outstanding may be treated as a capital loss. HMRC requires conditions to be met before it will accept the loss... Read more

Accounts - obligation for past event note

Accounts - obligation for past event noteOne tax game that's played every year end involves getting tax relief before you've spent any money. Quite often you don't get the actual invoice in before the year-end. So instead you can include in your account... Read more

Employee homeworking expenses policy

Employee homeworking expenses policyThe increasing tendency for individuals to work from home raises the question of which home-related costs can be reimbursed tax free by an employer. So you'll need a company policy making it clear to your employees ... Read more

Lottery syndicate agreement

Lottery syndicate agreementAre you in a lottery syndicate? Did you know that any winnings (football pools, National Lottery etc.) by the syndicate leader are potentially chargeable to inheritance tax as part of their estate? So what do you need to pu... Read more

Enquiry - challenging a business economics exercise

Enquiry - challenging a business economics exercise There can be many reasons for challenging an HMRC business economics exercise, but you must have good grounds for doing so. Are your records deficient?HMRC's business economics exercise approach to i... Read more
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