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Agreement to sever a joint tenancy

Agreement to sever joint tenancy Owning a property as joint beneficial owners means each joint owner is taxed on an equal share of income or gains derived from the property. However, if one of them dies, their share automatically passes to the others... Read more

IHT gift from surplus income letter

IHT gift from surplus income letterThere is an inheritance tax exemption for monetary gifts made out of your surplus income. To demonstrate that a gift has been made out of surplus income you should send a letter with each gift you make. Write a lett... Read more

Loan waiver deed

Loan waiver deedIf you lend someone money and later write to them releasing the debt, it will still remain part of your estate for inheritance tax (IHT) purposes. To count for IHT purposes the waiver must be made by deed. Reduce your estateWhere a lo... Read more

IHT claim for fall in value relief for land and buildings

IHT claim for fall in value relief for land and buildingsWhere, within four years of the date of the deceased's death, a property in their estate is sold at open market value for less than probate value, you can make a claim to recalculate the inherit... Read more

Record of gifts

Record of giftsOne way to reduce an inheritance tax (IHT) bill is to simply give away your wealth during your lifetime. Keeping a record of the gifts you've made and IHT exemptions claimed will help the executors of your estate tackle any queries fro... Read more

Chattel lease

Chattel leaseIn order for a gift to be effective for inheritance tax (IHT) purposes, you must be excluded from benefiting, other than to a minimal extent, from the asset given away. However, you can use the asset without jeopardising your IHT positio... Read more

IHT spouse's domicile election

IHT spouse's domicile electionIf you are married to a UK domiciled person, but you are non-UK domiciled, the intraspouse exemption for IHT is restricted. However, it's possible to make an election that removes this restriction using our new template le... Read more

Election to be treated as domiciled in the UK

Election to be treated as domiciled in the UKWhere a married couple or civil partners consist of a UK domiciled individual (UK-dom) and a non-UK domiciled (non-dom) individual, there is a restriction on the amount that any transfers between them will... Read more

Failed potentially exempt transfer - fall in value claim

Failed potentially exempt transfer - fall in value claimGifts between individuals are potentially exempt transfers (PETs) for IHT purposes. This means that there's no IHT to pay at the time, but if you die within seven years the full value of the ... Read more
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