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IHT transferable nil rate band checklist

Transferable nil rate band checklistWhen one spouse dies before the other, any unused nil rate band can be transferred to their surviving spouse. But HMRC will require details of the inheritance tax history of the first death in order to agree any cl... Read more

Surplus income record

Surplus income recordThere is an inheritance tax exemption for monetary gifts made out of your surplus income.The exemption relies heavily on identifying the amount of surplus income you have. A simple annual record can be used for this purpose.Gifts... Read more

Lottery syndicate agreement

Lottery syndicate agreementAre you in a lottery syndicate? Did you know that any winnings (football pools, National Lottery etc.) by the syndicate leader are potentially chargeable to inheritance tax as part of their estate? So what do you need to pu... Read more

Company trading status report

Company trading status reportBusiness property relief is available on shares in unquoted companies if certain conditions are met. This means 100% of the market value of those shares will escape inheritance tax. However, HMRC can take this relief away... Read more

Letter of wishes to accompany a will

Letter of wishes to accompany a willUsing a letter of wishes can remove uncertainty for those looking after your money and assets after you die.UncertaintyWhen you draft your will you generally express exactly how you want your estate to be divided u... Read more

Deed of assignment of life policy

Deed of assignment of life policyAs part of your estate planning you might want to transfer a life insurance policy to someone else, say a son or daughter. You can do this by assigning the benefits of the policy to them. Share your estateYou cannot g... Read more

Deed of variation

Deed of variationThe terms of a will can be varied by agreement among the beneficiaries so that the residue of an estate passes on different terms than those included in the will. This is known as a deed of variation. These are often used to improve ... Read more

Company's option to buy/sell shares clause

Company's option to buy/sell shares clauseIn the event of the untimely death of one of the major shareholders, the surviving shareholders probably won't want the shares to go to the deceased's beneficiaries unless they are already involved in running the... Read more

Land and buildings tenancy in common declaration

Land and buildings tenancy-in-common declarationYou may need a tenancy-in-common declaration for a variety of reasons. Use it as evidence to satisfy HMRC that the property is now actually owned in unequal proportions.Split to your needsA Tenancy-in-c... Read more
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