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Self-assessment checklist

Self-assessment checklistThe tax return filing deadline is 31 January following the end of each tax year. Use our checklist to reduce the chances of making any errors.Tax returnsSelf-assessment is the current method of reporting your income and capit... Read more

Year-end tax planning checklist

tax planning checklist 2017/18Each tax year there are a number of tax allowances, exemptions and rate bands which if not utilised are essentially wasted as you cannot carry them forward. We've put together a handy checklist to help you avoid overlookin... Read more

Exchange of joint interest relief claim

Exchange of joint interest relief claimIf you swap a joint interest in land or buildings to rationalise your ownership for no proceeds, you may be able to defer a capital gains tax charge.ReliefWithout any form of relief on any reallocation of intere... Read more

SEIS reinvestment relief claim

SEIS reinvestment relief claimIf you make a qualifying gain by investing in certain companies, you could enjoy a capital gains tax exemption.GainsCapital gains tax is payable when chargeable assets are sold, or otherwise disposed of, for proceeds or ... Read more

Letter requesting pension charge payment

Letter requesting pension charge paymentIf you exceed the pensions annual allowance in any tax year, you will be subject to the annual allowance charge. But how can you get your pension provider to pay this?Annual allowanceThe amount of tax-relieved ... Read more

Claim for s.243 small part disposal relief

Claim for s.243 small part disposal reliefIf you are forced to sell your land to a local authority under a compulsory purchase order, you could benefit from an expanded form of small part disposal relief.Part disposals - generallyWhen you make a part... Read more

Share loss relief claim

Share loss relief claimUsually, capital losses can only be offset against other capital gains, but in some circumstances losses you incur on certain types of share can be offset against general income.Share lossesLosses incurred on certain qualifying... Read more

Request to pay capital gains tax in instalments letter

Request to pay capital gains tax in instalments letterFor individuals, capital gains tax is payable by 31 January following the end of the tax year in which the gain occurred, e.g. 31 January 2019 for a gain made in 2017/18. Usually you'll have enough... Read more

Letter turning down an interview

letter turning down an interviewThere is no statutory obligation to attend an interview with HMRC. If HMRC requests a meeting, but you're satisfied that there's no advantage to having one at this stage of the enquiry, you can write, declining a meeting... Read more

Election for foreign losses

Election for foreign lossesIf you are non-UK domiciled but tax resident here, you may claim the remittance basis. To receive any kind of relief for foreign losses, an election must be made, but this shouldn't be done without careful consideration.Domi... Read more
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