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Appointing an alternate director

Appointing an alternate directorIf permitted by the company's articles, directors can appoint an alternative to stand in their place. When is this sort of delegation appropriate and how do you go about it?What is an alternate director?An alternate dir... Read more

Written resolution on shareholder requisition

Written resolution on shareholder requisitionMost written resolutions are proposed by the board. The Companies Act 2006 also enables shareholders to require the board to circulate a written resolution. Our models show you how this can be done and how... Read more

Delegation of directorial powers

Delegation of directorial powersThere are different ways in which the powers and functions of the board or an individual director can be delegated. Use our checklist to make sure the delegation is valid. Delegation of board's powersIt is common for a ... Read more

Written resolution procedure

Written resolution procedurePassing a shareholder resolution using the written resolution procedure is a convenient alternative to calling a shareholder meeting. We take you through the process.Written resolution or meeting?In many cases, obtaining s... Read more

Written resolution to approve substantial property transaction

Written resolution to approve substantial property transactionThe shareholders' consent is required for "substantial property transactions" between a director and the company. In most cases, a written resolution will be the easiest way of achieving this... Read more

Substantial property transaction checklist

Substantial property transaction checklistCertain transactions between a company and its director cannot be entered into without the shareholders' approval. Use our checklist to see whether you're dealing with a substantial property transaction. Defini... Read more

Written resolution to approve loan to a director

Written resolution to approve loan to a directorThe shareholders' consent is required for loans to a director, and similar financial help. In most cases, a written resolution will be the easiest way of doing so. Shareholder approvalIf a company decide... Read more

Written board resolution

Written board resolutionWritten board resolutions are common, especially in smaller companies. Check your company's articles to make sure they can be used, and use our model to put the resolution to the board.Basic requirementsThe articles of a compan... Read more

Written resolution

Written resolutionWritten resolutions can be used for the vast majority of shareholder decisions. Our blank model sets out the form for the resolution, which you can adapt to the decision in question.Using a written resolutionPrivate companies can us... Read more

Stock transfer form

Stock transfer formWhere a shareholder wants to sell their shares in the company, or give them away, they will need to complete a "stock transfer form". Statutory formThis is a statutory form that needs to be filled out when a shareholder sells their s... Read more
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