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Wording for resolution authorising the company to use e-communication

Wording for resolution authorising the company to use e-communicationCompanies can provide documents and other information to shareholders electronically, as long as their articles allow or their members pass a resolution to this effect. Whichever me... Read more

Copyright assignment

Copyright assignmentYou often ask sales and marketing companies to design brochures and leaflets for you. To enable you to make changes to the material or utilise it again in the future, it's essential that you own the copyright. Our model copyright a... Read more

Motor insurance

Motor insuranceIf you or any of your employees drive a vehicle on the road for business purposes, then by law you must ensure that, as a bare minimum, the business has a third party policy in place.... Read more

Buy or rent

Should we buy or rent?That's the $64,000 question. There are pros and cons to both options. Use the checklist to work through them. ... Read more
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