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Requisition by a shareholder for a general meeting

Requisition by a shareholder for a general meetingThis is a device that members can use to force the company to hold a general meeting in order to discuss a particular resolution(s) that the members want to debate and vote on.  It can also be used t... Read more

Particulars of claim for a debt

Particulars of claim for a debtYou're owed money. After unsuccessfully begging and pleading, you've decided that the only way that you're going to get it is by suing the debtor. This involves setting out your claim so that both the court and the defenda... Read more

What a patent is and how it is protected

What is a patent and how is it protected? Patents exist to protect things you've designed or made. Using this checklist will help ensure that all your hard work doesn't end up in someone else's hands. ... Read more

Resignation of a director relinquishing all claims

Resignation of a director relinquishing all claimsIf a director leaves the company, whether by mutual consent or otherwise, the members of the company should, whenever possible, obtain their formal resignation.Protect the companyIf a director leaves,... Read more

Appointment of directors

Appointment of directors Will an offer to join the board made on the golf course suffice? What are the legal and other requirements?... Read more

Driving at work

Driving at workJust because some of your employees are out on the road, doesn't mean you're not responsible for their safety. Make sure you still operate a safe system of work. Use this checklist to help achieve this. ... Read more

Letter confirming verbal order

Letter confirming verbal orderBy law you can make a contract to buy or sell goods or services without having anything in writing between the parties. To avoid ending up in an expensive dispute, put details of the agreement in writing in a letter form... Read more

Board meetings

Board meetingsEffective board meetings are necessary in any successful company. How should you run yours for maximum effect and in line with legal requirements?... Read more

Interim dividend board minute

Interim dividend board minuteA company can only pay dividends where it has "distributable profits". Broadly, this means post-tax profit for the current or previous years which has not been paid to the shareholders. The directors must keep records to sh... Read more

Business-to-business terms and conditions of sale

Business-to-business terms and conditions of saleStay ahead in your business dealings by using this model of standard terms and conditions for supplying goods to your business customers.Late payment chargesIn addition to charging interest on monies d... Read more
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