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Flow chart - capital allowances annual investment allowance

Flow chart - capital allowances annual investment allowance Where you purchase plant or machinery for use in your business you are entitled to claim a tax deduction for the cost. This can be spread over many years. However, in a twelve-month period y... Read more

Flow chart - capital allowances short-life asset election

Flow chart - capital allowances short-life asset electionTax relief on the cost of equipment you acquire for your business is spread overdecades unless your purchases are covered by the annual investment allowance or first-year allowance. However, it... Read more

Flow chart - simplified business expenses

Simplified business expensesIn 2013 deductions for simplified business expenses were introduced. The rules were soon modified to allow their wider use. However, the list of expenses is specific and limited to certain business types.Flow chartThe Flow... Read more

Flow chart - company loans to participators

Flow chart - company loans to participatorsWhere a company advances money or confers a benefit directly or indirectly to an individual who owns or has a say in controlling the company it must pay a tax charge unless the arrangement is covered by an e... Read more

Flow chart - claiming the trading allowance

Flow chart - claiming the trading allowanceThe trading allowance is a fixed tax deduction which can be claimed against miscellaneous income or income from self-employment in place of the actual costs incurred in generating it. In effect it means that... Read more

Flow chart - income tax trading loss relief

Flow chart - income tax trading loss reliefWhere a business makes a loss from its trading activities, the business owners may be entitled to claim tax relief. This is given by allowing the individual to reduce the amount of income on which they are o... Read more

Structures and buildings allowance statement

Structures and buildings allowance statementIf you intend to claim the structures and buildings allowance, HMRC's guidance stipulates that a statement containing certain key information needs to be prepared.AllowancesHMRC's guidance indicates that to c... Read more

Settlement agreement

Settlement agreementWhen you want to prevent an employee from issuing proceedings in relation to the infringement of their statutory employment rights on termination of their employment, consider going down the settlement agreement route. This is an ... Read more

Business asset disposal relief checklist

Business asset disposal relief checklistWhen you sell or transfer all or part of your business you might be entitled to claim business asset disposal relief in respect of any capital gain you make. This means that the maximum rate of tax that will ap... Read more

IHT fall in value relief for shares checklist

IHT fall in value relief for shares checklistWhere a sale or transfer of shares or other qualifying investments is made within one year of death at a value less than they had for probate, inheritance tax (IHT) can be recalculated using the lower valu... Read more
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