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Prioritised payments list

Prioritised payment listYour phone is ringing off the hook with irate suppliers, payroll is coming up and the MD is pulling his hair out because your cash flow is consistently under pressure. How can you make sure that your department pays suppliers ... Read more

Discounts for prompt payment calculator

Discounts for prompt payment calculatorIf your company's suppliers frequently offer a percentage discount for immediate payment, how can you work out whether it's worth paying the invoices early or keeping the money in your company's bank account?Annual... Read more

Agreements register

Agreements registerIf you want to cancel/vary an agreement, your business will have to give adequate notice of its intention to do so to the other party. How do you ensure no deadlines are missed which could result in financial penalties?Giving notice... Read more

Quotes and potential cost savings summary

Quotes and potential cost savings summaryIf you can't pass a price increase from a supplier on to your customers, then think laterally about renegotiating other contracts to obtain offsetting reductions in their prices. To do this successfully you'll n... Read more

Contract review summary

Contract review summaryYou're probably asked to review new agreements with suppliers on a regular basis. Your perceived role is one of looking over the terms, just to see if there is anything onerous in them that has been missed by others. Having a st... Read more

Sample electronic remittance advice

Sample electronic remittance adviceWhy not e-mail a remittance advice from your accounting system instead of posting it? This will mean no paper, printing or postage costs for your business.TemplateYour accounting software may be able to produce the ... Read more

Purchase ledger review

Purchase ledger reviewWith computerised accounting systems, it's easy for the purchase ledger to appear to be in good order. The purchase ledger control account will correspond with the total amounts showing as due on the individual supplier accounts.... Read more

E-mail database of suppliers

E-mail database of suppliersIf you haven't already captured the e-mail addresses of your supplier contacts, then here's a good reason to do so. Once captured, you can use these addresses to e-mail a remittance advice instead of posting it, meaning no p... Read more

Days payable oustanding worksheet

Days payable outstanding worksheetThe days payable outstanding (DPO) ratio is extremely important. It shows how long it takes you to pay your suppliers which is a key component in your company's formula for calculating working capital. Businesses must... Read more

Syncing supplier payments letter

Syncing supplier payments letterMost invoices proclaim settlement terms of "30 days from date of invoice". The problem is that this gives you a random pattern for supplier payments throughout the month. How can you get your suppliers to buy into a more... Read more
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