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Capital expenditure budget

Capital expenditure budgetCapital expenditure (capex) refers to the money spent to acquire the physical assets of a business. The role of a capex budget is to take account of all expenditures that are required to replace worn-out or depleted assets a... Read more

Closure report

Closure reportFrom time to time, businesses choose to close down an office, branch, depot, or separate business (such as a subsidiary or associated company). Closures must be monitored to ensure they are effectively completed and that progress is bei... Read more

Customer profitability report

Customer profitability reportThe objective of a customer profitability report is to increase the overall profitability of the business by focusing scarce sales resources on the most profitable customers. You can also use the report to ensure unprofit... Read more

Enhanced presentation and grouping spreadsheet

Enhanced presentation and grouping spreadsheetThe new sales director wants you to show more detail in the management accounts about income streams. However, the MD likes to keep things simple. Is there a way to satisfy both without using two spreadsh... Read more

Financial ratios

Financial ratiosThe most commonly used technique for considering financial statements is ratio analysis. Financial ratios can be used to evaluate a particular aspect of a customer's company operations and financial health. However, the challenge facin... Read more

Project report

Project reportMost businesses have a number of projects in progress at any time. When any project is large or important enough to have a major effect on the business's performance (profit or cash), there should be a separate report presented with the ... Read more

Sales mix calculator

Sales mix calculatorWhether your company sells products or provides services, your sales are unlikely to be comprised of a single line. It's more likely that the company sells a range of products or services and it's equally likely that the gross profi... Read more

Variance report

Variance reportIf the financial results differ from that which was expected, it's important to present explanations as to why this has happened. However, it's often easy to assume a glib and sometimes convenient reason for these variances instead of re... Read more
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