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Advance of salary letter

Advance of salary letter Paying an employee a salary advance is something you probably discourage. However, you may need to do this from time to time, particularly with new starters. What documentation will you need to ensure your business can automa... Read more

Tender bank contents log

Tender bank contents log A tender gives you the opportunity to inform the buying organisation how you will meet their requirements, offer best value and explain why they should select your company. Responding to formal tenders is now a commonplace el... Read more

Internal control checklist

Internal control checklist One of the keys to improving profits is reducing leakage through inefficient processes and managing undue risks in the business. As an accountant it's your responsibility to establish and maintain internal controls. Key ques... Read more

Audit preparation schedule

Audit preparation schedule One of your busiest times will be the annual audit. Good preparation for the auditors makes a big difference to the time they take and the amount of disruption suffered by the finance team and the company's management. As au... Read more

Evaluating the finance function

Evaluating the finance function If you've been asked to justify the number of staff in your accounts department and want to understand how much value they're adding, you'll need to record the time spent by your team on the different finance functions an... Read more

Dividend calculator

Dividend calculator Dividends are often declared in private companies because it's tax-efficient for the owner-directors to be remunerated this way. However, there are times when you may need to justify the amount paid. Funding requirement Dividend v... Read more

Corporation tax computation

Corporation Tax computation Most businesses show a monthly provision for Corporation Tax (CT). Usually this is calculated as a percentage of profit before tax (PBT). If you want a figure closer to what the actual tax charge might be, you'll need to mi... Read more

Organisation chart

Organisation chart Accountants are often also line managers, leading a team of accounting staff. Your accounts department will be responsible for the timely and accurate processing of thousands of transactions, even in a small business. But whatever ... Read more
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