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Business plan budget cash flow

Business plan budget cash flowIt's often left to you to understand and monitor the most critical factor for a new business venture - cash flow! Working capital is a key part of a new business's plan because small changes in sales demand can have a disp... Read more

Overhead allocation calculator

Overhead allocation calculatorIf your company charges by the hour or day, you need to include an element for overhead costs when you calculate the billable rates. What's the best way to allocate the overheads across your billable staff?three methodsTh... Read more

Questioning a sales forecast

Questioning a sales forecastThe sales forecast is perhaps the most important set of numbers to come out of the budgetary process. The sales figure is the driver for all direct expenses and some indirect ones. It's used to predict the cash flow forecas... Read more

Target costing template

Target costing templateIn tough times, calculating your prices by adding a profit margin to cost can result in your products becoming uncompetitive. However, you might be able to beat your competition by using target costing to help set prices. What ... Read more

Funds flow reconciliation

Funds flow reconciliationA rolling monthly cash flow forecast should be based on a profit and loss forecast. However, certain movements in the profit and loss forecast are non-cash items for the month concerned, for example, changes in provisions, de... Read more

Business plan budget workbook

Business plan budget workbookFinancial planning for a new business is critical but it's often overlooked because the owners/directors can be overly engaged with trying to drive sales. So your involvement in building up a budget for the business plan ca... Read more

Telephone scripts for credit control

Telephone scripts for credit control Nobody likes to make telephone calls chasing money, but in today's economic climate it has to be done. So how can you make sure your calls are professional, effective and help build on the relationship you already ... Read more

Debtor days incentive scheme

Debtor days incentive scheme Whilst larger debts are being actively pursued, the level of older debts can build up. Incentivising your sales ledger staff to keep debtor days down to an acceptable level can save you having to intervene. Introducing a ... Read more

Remittance advice for credit card payments

Remittance advice for card paymentsUnfortunately, there's an increasing trend for cardholders to reject transactions when they eventually appear on their statements. If you intend to ask more of your customers to pay by credit or debit card, there's so... Read more
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