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Purchase ledger review

Purchase ledger reviewWith computerised accounting systems, it's easy for the purchase ledger to appear to be in good order. The purchase ledger control account will correspond with the total amounts showing as due on the individual supplier accounts.... Read more

E-mail database of suppliers

E-mail database of suppliersIf you haven't already captured the e-mail addresses of your supplier contacts, then here's a good reason to do so. Once captured, you can use these addresses to e-mail a remittance advice instead of posting it, meaning no p... Read more

Days payable oustanding worksheet

Days payable outstanding worksheetThe days payable outstanding (DPO) ratio is extremely important. It shows how long it takes you to pay your suppliers which is a key component in your company's formula for calculating working capital. Businesses must... Read more

Syncing supplier payments letter

Syncing supplier payments letterMost invoices proclaim settlement terms of "30 days from date of invoice". The problem is that this gives you a random pattern for supplier payments throughout the month. How can you get your suppliers to buy into a more... Read more

Non-disclosure agreement for a contractor

Non-disclosure agreement for a contractorIf your company invites a supplier to get involved in a new project, you might well want them to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). The fear is that they (or someone they might talk to about the project) w... Read more

Non-disclosure agreement for an employee

Non-disclosure agreement for an employeeAnecdotal evidence suggests that current and former employees are responsible for most leaks of business information. A good employment contract will help; however, having a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in pl... Read more

Foreign exchange report

Foreign exchange reportIf your business is committing itself to transactions (purchases, sales, assets, loans, etc.) in foreign currencies with exposure to rises and falls in those currencies, present a summary of the currency position and commitment... Read more

Bank charges calculator

 Bank charges calculatorAs you don't get a bill from the bank manager for bank charges, they are often overlooked as a cost. What can you do to make sure you pay less?Carry out an annual bank charges audit You can carry out an annual bank charges aud... Read more

Cash requirements report

Cash requirements reportWhen you go on annual leave the directors may worry that the company will run out of cash in your absence or fail to pay key suppliers. How can you set their minds at ease?Comfort zoneThe directors have asked you to spell out ... Read more

Foreign exchange risk calculator

Foreign exchange risk calculator Every overseas transaction involves a risk to your business, whether you are exporting or importing goods or services. Adverse foreign exchange movements can wipe out your profits if they are not managed, so it pays t... Read more
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