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Business valuation model

Business valuation modelThere's no right or wrong answer to how much a business is worth. Ultimately, a business is worth what someone else will pay. However, there are some basic rules of thumb to help you to calculate an indicative range of values.T... Read more

IRR and NPV workbook

IRR and NPV workbookIRR (internal rate of return) and NPV (net present value) are discounted cash flow approaches and are widely used for investment appraisal. Whilst they are based on the same ingredients, the results differ, so you'll need a methodo... Read more

Premises move budgeting tool

Premises move budgeting toolIf you've been asked to come up with a budget for the cost of physically moving the company, what should you include in it?Associated costsThe key to a successful move is meticulous planning and good communication with ever... Read more

Weighted average cost of capital calculator

Weighted average cost of capital (WACC) calculatorYour company creates value for its shareholders by earning a return on their invested capital which is above the cost of that capital. This hurdle is the yardstick by which it can judge a project prop... Read more

Smartphone payback calculator

Smartphone payback calculatorWould buying a smartphone outright and taking out a SIM-only contract with a network provider work out cheaper than a standard two-year phone inclusive contract?How much!What's the cost of one phone (under the standard min... Read more

Step cost calculator

Step cost calculatorWhether your business is expanding or struggling, identification and understanding of its step costs could help generate more profits.Extra costsA step cost is one that is relatively fixed within a certain range, outside of which ... Read more

Sales mix calculator

Sales mix calculatorWhether your company sells products or provides services, your sales are unlikely to be comprised of a single line. It's more likely that the company sells a range of products or services and it's equally likely that the gross profi... Read more

Project report

Project reportMost businesses have a number of projects in progress at any time. When any project is large or important enough to have a major effect on the business's performance (profit or cash), there should be a separate report presented with the ... Read more

Financial ratios

Financial ratiosThe most commonly used technique for considering financial statements is ratio analysis. Financial ratios can be used to evaluate a particular aspect of a customer's company operations and financial health. However, the challenge facin... Read more

Closure report

Closure reportFrom time to time, businesses choose to close down an office, branch, depot, or separate business (such as a subsidiary or associated company). Closures must be monitored to ensure they are effectively completed and that progress is bei... Read more
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