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Outsourcing a payroll checklist

Outsourcing a payroll checklistOutsourcing the payroll function could free up your time to concentrate on other things. What factors do you need to consider when choosing and working with an external payroll services provider?Searching questionsUse o... Read more

Payback period calculator

Payback period calculatorYou may be asked to help decide which resources within your business to allocate to certain projects. One way of doing this is to compare the payback period of those competing for investment.PaybackObviously, what needs to be... Read more

Premises move budgeting tool

Premises move budgeting toolIf you've been asked to come up with a budget for the cost of physically moving the company, what should you include in it?Associated costsThe key to a successful move is meticulous planning and good communication with ever... Read more

Smartphone payback calculator

Smartphone payback calculatorWould buying a smartphone outright and taking out a SIM-only contract with a network provider work out cheaper than a standard two-year phone inclusive contract?How much!What's the cost of one phone (under the standard min... Read more

Step cost calculator

Step cost calculatorWhether your business is expanding or struggling, identification and understanding of its step costs could help generate more profits.Extra costsA step cost is one that is relatively fixed within a certain range, outside of which ... Read more

Weighted average cost of capital calculator

Weighted average cost of capital (WACC) calculatorYour company creates value for its shareholders by earning a return on their invested capital which is above the cost of that capital. This hurdle is the yardstick by which it can judge a project prop... Read more

Capital expenditure budget

Capital expenditure budgetCapital expenditure (capex) refers to the money spent to acquire the physical assets of a business. The role of a capex budget is to take account of all expenditures that are required to replace worn-out or depleted assets a... Read more

Closure report

Closure reportFrom time to time, businesses choose to close down an office, branch, depot, or separate business (such as a subsidiary or associated company). Closures must be monitored to ensure they are effectively completed and that progress is bei... Read more

Customer profitability report

Customer profitability reportThe objective of a customer profitability report is to increase the overall profitability of the business by focusing scarce sales resources on the most profitable customers. You can also use the report to ensure unprofit... Read more

Enhanced presentation and grouping spreadsheet

Enhanced presentation and grouping spreadsheetThe new sales director wants you to show more detail in the management accounts about income streams. However, the MD likes to keep things simple. Is there a way to satisfy both without using two spreadsh... Read more
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