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Monthly prepayments calculator

Monthly prepayments calculatorYou can make adjustments to your monthly management accounts for any expense that spans more than one period, e.g. rent. Other common examples of prepayments are insurance, maintenance contracts and business rates. Howev... Read more

Stock turnover calculator

Stock turnover calculatorMany businesses believe that they consistently carry more stock than is needed. As holding stock means tying up cash, then ideally you would want to keep stock at minimum levels to meet sales forecasts and keep production run... Read more

Transfer pricing template

Transfer pricing templateTransfer pricing isn't just an issue for global companies trading with each other across borders. It's based on the principle that transactions for goods or services sold between related parties, such as between two connected c... Read more

Work in progress monitoring tool

Work in progress monitoring toolWhether your company manufactures goods or supplies services, work in progress (WIP) control is an important element of working capital management. Excess WIP costs money and in the worst cases can end up being unbilla... Read more

IRR and NPV workbook

IRR and NPV workbookIRR (internal rate of return) and NPV (net present value) are discounted cash flow approaches and are widely used for investment appraisal. Whilst they are based on the same ingredients, the results differ, so you'll need a methodo... Read more

Bid budget workbook

Bid budget workbookBidding for projects can be a risky business, particularly when the price will be set in advance. Bidding at a price that does not include each element of the work to be carried out will result in lower than expected profits or eve... Read more

Break-even point calculator

Break-even point calculatorBeing clear about the distinction between fixed and variable costs in your business will enable you to more accurately work out the break-even point of any given project. Use our calculator to help you do this.Break-even po... Read more

Business valuation model

Business valuation modelThere's no right or wrong answer to how much a business is worth. Ultimately, a business is worth what someone else will pay. However, there are some basic rules of thumb to help you to calculate an indicative range of values.T... Read more

Capital investment proposal

Capital investment proposalCapital investment in new equipment or facilities is usually a significant sum. It could be funded from internal resources or it may require a new source. In either case, a well thought through proposal will ensure that you... Read more

Lease versus purchase calculator

Lease versus purchase calculatorThe outright purchase of a fixed asset is only an option if you have sufficient funds available to you, otherwise you will need to look at some form of lease or hire purchase. Banks can often negotiate a lower purchase... Read more
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