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Sales trends analysis

Sales trends analysisSales levels can fluctuate for a number of reasons, and where they have declined it is right for the board to be concerned. Falling sales could indicate problems with marketing, distributors, the product, production levels, prici... Read more

Pareto analysis spreadsheet

Pareto analysis spreadsheetMany of your daily work problems don't have a single root cause, rather several quite separate contributing factors. You can use Pareto analysis to analyse this cause and effect.The 80/20 rulePareto analysis is the method of ... Read more

Analysing financial statements

Analysing financial statementsIf you are asked to comment on the finances of a potential new customer you should download a copy of their latest financial statements from Companies House. What should you do next?Full set neededWhatever the filing req... Read more

Funding report questionnaire

Funding report questionnaireHow is your company financed? And how and when is this finance going due to be repaid? A funding report can help ensure your company's finance requirements are identified and properly considered as early as possible. Key qu... Read more

Flash report

Flash reportYou prepare monthly management reports, but in fast moving times how can you deliver key financial indicators quickly so that your board can make critical decisions in a flash?What is a flash report?Management reports in most companies wo... Read more

Economic value added calculator

Economic value added calculatorIf your business has generated growth for the year, even beating budget or last year's total, your fellow managers may be feeling very satisfied. But does this mean that the company has added value for its shareholders? ... Read more

Monthly commitments sheet

Monthly commitments sheet In order for your management accounts to be as accurate as possible, you make adjustments for expenses that have been incurred but not yet invoiced (accruals). In theory, you should be able to identify any expense commitment... Read more

Transfer pricing template

Transfer pricing templateTransfer pricing isn't just an issue for global companies trading with each other across borders. It's based on the principle that transactions for goods or services sold between related parties, such as between two connected c... Read more

Work in progress monitoring tool

Work in progress monitoring toolWhether your company manufactures goods or supplies services, work in progress (WIP) control is an important element of working capital management. Excess WIP costs money and in the worst cases can end up being unbilla... Read more

Stock turnover calculator

Stock turnover calculatorMany businesses believe that they consistently carry more stock than is needed. As holding stock means tying up cash, then ideally you would want to keep stock at minimum levels to meet sales forecasts and keep production run... Read more
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