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Dividend calculator

Dividend calculatorDividends are often declared in private companies because it's tax-efficient for the owner-directors to be remunerated this way. However, there are times when you may need to justify the amount paid. Funding requirementDividend vers... Read more

Pension contribution confirmation

Pension contribution confirmationEmployees' contributions into their company's pension scheme are normally collected through the payroll each month. If your company also makes a contribution, that has to be worked out for each individual and paid over ... Read more

Tax reconciliation report

Tax reconciliation reportQuite often, the figure given by the company's tax advisors is different to your provision for Corporation Tax (CT) in the management accounts. How do you go about reconciling the two numbers?Tax treatmentIf there's a significa... Read more

Advance of salary letter

Advance of salary letterPaying an employee a salary advance is something you probably discourage. However, you may need to do this from time to time, particularly with new starters. What documentation will you need to ensure your business can automat... Read more

Days sales outstanding calculator

Days sales outstanding calculatorReporting debtor management key performance indicators (KPIs) to those involved in the process of billing and collecting can be motivating. This in turn can shorten cash collection times and improve cash flow. Output ... Read more

Z score calculator

Z score calculatorThe "Z" score of a business has a 70% to 80% accuracy in predicting whether it is likely to become insolvent within two years. This could be a particularly useful tool to help evaluate your company's financial health and that of its cu... Read more

Overheads ratio record

Overheads ratio recordIt's common practice to consider absolute cost numbers versus budget and prior year. However, accounting ratios show the relationship of one number to another relevant number which can be much more revealing. Using operating cost... Read more

Operating leverage calculator

Operating leverage calculatorIn times when sales are volatile, profitability depends on the level of your company's operating leverage. You can help your business by working out what this is and identifying steps to improve it. Fixed costsOperating le... Read more

Company solvency calculator

Company solvency calculatorCompany directors should be alert to their potential personal liabilities for the offence of wrongful trading. So how do you tell if your company might be trading wrongfully, and thereby exposing the directors to risk. Cond... Read more

Staff time analysis

Staff time analysisIn a perfect world, sales and customer-facing staff would spend 100% of their work time generating revenue for your business. But this isn't possible in the real world. A costed snapshot of time spent on non-revenue generating acti... Read more
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