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Credit controller interview questions

Credit controller interview questionsOnce you a have a number of candidates for a position as credit controller, you'll need to get "behind the mask" of each interviewee with some key questions. Use our document to ensure you cover the same ground with ... Read more

Sales credit note report

Sales credit note reportRather than your department repeatedly issuing sales credit notes for the same types of problem, the key is to focus on fixing the root cause processes that are creating the issues. This should significantly improve your compa... Read more

Payment reminder letter

Payment reminder letterThere's nothing wrong with expecting to be paid for goods or services that you have supplied, and all businesses should understand this fact. However, if your customer hasn't paid you, the normal procedure is to send them an effe... Read more

Debtor days calculator

Debtor days calculatorAs the accountant you will be interested in any amounts due from customers that are well past due in your debtors' ageing report. However, the board prefer to look at key figures. One of these is debtor days, i.e. how long it tak... Read more

Letter chasing payment before legal action

Letter chasing payment before legal actionLate payment by customers is just one of the problems an accountant has to face. Fortunately, there is a way to wake up the people who owe you money, and get them to do something about it.Last chanceMost busi... Read more

Credit controller job descriptions

Credit controller job descriptionsIf your company is looking to take on a credit controller/finance assistant, you need to think carefully about your requirements. As these positions vary considerably, start by drafting a job description that suits yo... Read more
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