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Bank charges calculator

 Bank charges calculatorAs you don't get a bill from the bank manager for bank charges, they are often overlooked as a cost. What can you do to make sure you pay less?Carry out an annual bank charges audit You can carry out an annual bank charges aud... Read more

Board minute for new bank signatory

Board minute for new bank signatory  You've decided that it would make your life easier if your assistant could also deal with the bank, i.e. sign cheques, make online payments, etc. How easy is it to set this up?Board minuteHaving to deal with small... Read more

Cash control checklist

Cash control checklistOver the last few years there have been a number of high profile company fraud cases. How do you reassure your MD that your company will not fall victim to an internal fraud on your watch?Five fundamentalsThe five things you can... Read more

Cash requirements report

Cash requirements reportWhen you go on annual leave the directors may worry that the company will run out of cash in your absence or fail to pay key suppliers. How can you set their minds at ease?Comfort zoneThe directors have asked you to spell out ... Read more

Foreign exchange report

Foreign exchange reportIf your business is committing itself to transactions (purchases, sales, assets, loans, etc.) in foreign currencies with exposure to rises and falls in those currencies, present a summary of the currency position and commitment... Read more

Foreign exchange risk calculator

Foreign exchange risk calculator Every overseas transaction involves a risk to your business, whether you are exporting or importing goods or services. Adverse foreign exchange movements can wipe out your profits if they are not managed, so it pays t... Read more

Foreign payments checklist

Foreign payments checklistOverseas suppliers will more than likely want to be paid in their local currency straight into their bank accounts as this saves them additional transaction charges and delay in clearance of funds. However, your standard onl... Read more
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