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Glossary - shares

Allotment or issue? Called-up or paid-up? Shares terminology can be a bit of a minefield. Our glossary provides a quick reference to help interpret the documentation. Terminology trials You might come across some of the terms in our glossary in your ... Read more

Master share wording

Master shares are useful if one key shareholder needs to retain control of particular decisions. Our model sets out sample wording that can be added to your articles for this type of share. What is a master share? The rights of particular classes of ... Read more

Preference shares wording

Preference shares provide a way of giving certain shareholders a share of the company's profits. Our model sets out sample wording that can be added to your articles setting out the most common preference share rights. What are preference shares? The ... Read more

Statutory model articles for public companies

Your company is doing well and you decide to convert to a public company. You'll need to change your articles to reflect the additional requirements on public companies. The statutory model articles are a good place to start. What is a public company?... Read more

Statutory model articles for private companies limited by guarantee

If you are setting up a not-for-profit organisation, a company limited by guarantee may be the form for you. The statutory model articles set out a template for the rules governing your company. What is a company limited by guarantee? A company limit... Read more

Memorandum and articles of association - private companies

Memorandum and articles of association All limited companies are still required to have a memorandum and articles of association. However, the Companies Act 2006, has dramatically altered the status of the memorandum, as well as devising a new set o... Read more

Written resolution to change name

Your company needs a new image. You need the shareholders' consent to change its name, but you don't have to call a meeting. Use our written resolution model. Advice The Companies Act 2006 calls for a special resolution to change a company's name becaus... Read more

Trading disclosures checklist and model letterhead

Basic information about your company must be included in all business letters, other documents and on your website. Make sure yours are up to date with our checklist and model letterhead. Advice The Company, Limited Liability Partnership and Business... Read more

Change of name checklist

You have decided to revamp your company with a change of name. Make sure the process goes smoothly and the change is accepted by Companies House by following our checklist. advice There are many situations in a company's life that call for a change o... Read more
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