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Director's service agreement

Director's service agreementAny director who is also an employee of the company should always be given a service contract. As well as ensuring there are no arguments over their status it should also minimise the possibility of any other misunderstandi... Read more

Companies House forms

Companies House formsCompanies must keep the records at Companies House up to date with certain changes. Use our handy table to make sure you know what to file and when.What needs filing?Broadly speaking, if there is a significant change in a company... Read more

Data protection obligations summary

Data protection obligations summaryEvery company holds onto personal information of some sort, about its staff, customers, business contacts and others. Make sure your company abides by its data protection obligations. Personal informationThe retenti... Read more

Online meetings checklist

Online meetings checklistMeetings conducted online have become the norm for many companies. Use our checklist to help keep them on track.Type of meetingBoth board and shareholder meetings can be held online, although a company's articles may prevent b... Read more

Registration of charges at Companies House

Registration of charges at Companies HouseCharges over a company's assets must be registered at Companies House. Use our checklist to find out what needs to be filed and when.Company recordsCompanies have to keep copies of charge documents at their re... Read more

Companies House filing

Companies House filingThere are several occasions that call for documents to be filed at Companies House. Use our checklist to make sure your documents are accepted.DELIVERY METHODSIt is now possible to file most of the common documents at Companies ... Read more

Company reorganisations summary

Company reorganisations summaryThere are different types of company reorganisation. These transactions require professional advice; use our summary to guide you through the jargon.Dividing a business upA business may need to be split up for a number ... Read more

Company accounts key facts

Company accounts key factsCompanies have to keep adequate financial records that are used to prepare their annual accounts. Our summary takes you through the basics.Records and accountsA company has to keep adequate financial records of its transacti... Read more

Notice of general meeting

Notice of general meetingThe articles of the company will give the directors the power to call a general meeting (GM) of the company's members (shareholders) in order to try to pass important decisions (resolutions). Use our notice to summon the compa... Read more

Notice of AGM for private limited company

Notice of AGM for private limited companyPrivate limited companies don't have to hold an AGM unless the company's articles insist on one taking place. However, there's nothing to stop a company from holding one if it wishes.AdvantagesOne of the main pur... Read more
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