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Checklist for re-registering as a public company

Checklist for re-registering as a public companyA private company on the up may decide to convert to a public company. Our checklist and model resolution take you through the process.Why convert?A private company may decide that the time is right to ... Read more

Board meeting minutes

Board meeting minutesCompanies have to record what happens at board meetings. This helps to keep track of what was decided and when, and the minutes can also be referred to if there is any challenge to how a decision was made. Basic requirementThe Co... Read more

Company secretary checklist

Company secretary checklistPrivate companies don't need to have a secretary, but many still choose to do so. Does your company need one? Use our checklist to help consider the options.RoleWhether your company decides to appoint a secretary or not will... Read more

Board resolution to establish committee

Board resolution to establish committeeCompanies set up committees of the board for different reasons, for example to streamline decision making or to oversee a project. Use our model to help ensure that you have covered all the relevant points.Setti... Read more

Deceased or bankrupt shareholder summary

Deceased or bankrupt shareholder summaryIf one of your shareholders dies or is declared bankrupt, their assets pass to the person appointed to deal with their estate. So what do you do about their shares?RepresentativesIf a shareholder dies, a person... Read more

Directors' conflict of interest flow chart

Directors' conflict of interest flow chartMost directors will encounter a conflict of interest, or be in the position of a potential conflict arising, at some point while in office. It is important that directors know what to do in this situation so t... Read more

Notice of class meeting

Notice of class meetingIt may be necessary to call a meeting of a class of shareholders to decide matters only relevant to their class of shares. Use our model to give notice.Holding a class meetingClass meetings are usually held separately from gene... Read more

Distribution flow chart

Distribution flow chartA company doing well will usually be expected to make distributions to its shareholders. Our flow chart takes you through the process of assessing whether a distribution can lawfully be made.What is a distribution?"Distribution" ... Read more

Minute of board resolution to pay interim dividend

Minute of board resolution to pay interim dividendDirectors can usually pay interim dividends without approval of the shareholders. This decision must be properly documented in the board minutes. Our model shows you how.AccountsThe board minutes reco... Read more
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