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PSC checklist

PSC checklistAll companies must keep a register of people who have significant control over them. Use our checklist to make sure you have taken the required steps to identify the right people. What is a PSC?A "person with significant control" basically... Read more

Personal information filed at Companies House

Personal information filed at Companies HousePersonal information about those involved in running companies has to be filed at Companies House. We summarise the ways in which you can protect yourself from your details being misused by the wrong peopl... Read more

Register of PSCs

Register of PSCsAll companies must keep a register of people who have significant control over them. Our model sets out what needs to be included and when.What is a PSC?Every company must keep a register of people with "significant control" over them, ... Read more

Types of security summary

Types of security summaryIf your company is entering into financing arrangements, use our summary of the various types of security to help you navigate the documents and discussions. Types of debtThere are various types of debt that a company may nee... Read more

Using pre-signed signature clauses

Using pre-signed signature clausesWhat if you have an important contract to enter into, but one of your signatories cannot make the completion meeting? Pre-signed signature clauses can be used in some cases, with caution. Absent signatoriesIdeally, a... Read more

Alterations to share capital summary

Alterations to share capital summaryAlterations to a company's share capital that do not affect the number of shares in issue are relatively straightforward. Our summary explains why these changes might be necessary and how to carry them out.Consolida... Read more

Redemption or purchase of a company's own shares summary

Redemption or purchase of a company's own shares summaryThere are two situations in which a company can acquire an interest in its own shares. Our summary explains when they arise and the procedures that need to be followed. Exception to the ruleGener... Read more

Reduction of share capital summary

Reduction of share capital summaryIf a company needs to reduce its share capital, it must follow one of two procedures. Use our summary to guide you through the process.Exception to the ruleA company's share capital can only be reduced in certain circ... Read more

Directors' personal guarantees

Directors' personal guaranteesBanks often require a company's directors to personally guarantee their company's borrowings. They sometimes want security for the guarantee over a director's assets as well. ProtectionThere is legal protection in place to s... Read more

Inspection and copying of company records summary

Inspection and copying of company recordsShareholders and others have the right to inspect and obtain copies of many of the registers and records kept by a company. Our note summarises what records a company needs to keep and where, as well as who ca... Read more
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