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Resignation of a director relinquishing all claims

Resignation of a director relinquishing all claimsIf a director leaves the company, whether by mutual consent or otherwise, the members of the company should, whenever possible, obtain their formal resignation.Protect the companyIf a director leaves,... Read more

Letter confirming verbal order

Letter confirming verbal orderBy law you can make a contract to buy or sell goods or services without having anything in writing between the parties. To avoid ending up in an expensive dispute, put details of the agreement in writing in a letter form... Read more

Business-to-business terms and conditions of sale

Business-to-business terms and conditions of saleStay ahead in your business dealings by using this model of standard terms and conditions for supplying goods to your business customers.Late payment chargesIn addition to charging interest on monies d... Read more

Form 2 New Section 25 Notice- landlord opposing renewal

Form 2 - New Section 25 Notice: landlord opposing renewalIf you receive one of these, then you've a potential fight on your hands in order to remain in your business premises. For all the following reasons, you may find yourself up a creek, without a ... Read more

Confidentiality agreement

Confidentiality agreementIf you're allowing a third party to have access to your business information or data, ask them to keep what they find a secret. To do this get them to sign a confidentiality agreement. Use our contract in order to protect your... Read more

Demand for better service

Demand for better serviceIf you've had some work carried out and you're unhappy with either the quality of the workmanship or the materials used, or perhaps both, use our letter to obtain redress from the supplier.AdviceSometimes things go wrong and of... Read more

Damaged goods acceptance letter

Damaged goods acceptance letterIf your supplier delivers damaged goods to your business, but you wish to accept them, albeit at a reduced price, use our letter to protect your position under the contract and to give you the edge in any dispute.Ad... Read more

Credit account application form

Credit account application formIf your customer asks for a credit facility, use this form and our covering letter to put the wheels in motion.Giving customers credit?"Don't I need a licence under the Consumer Credit Act?" No, you don't. Trade credit giv... Read more

Wording for resolution authorising the company to use e-communication

Wording for resolution authorising the company to use e-communicationCompanies can provide documents and other information to shareholders electronically, as long as their articles allow or their members pass a resolution to this effect. Whichever me... Read more

Copyright assignment

Copyright assignmentYou often ask sales and marketing companies to design brochures and leaflets for you. To enable you to make changes to the material or utilise it again in the future, it's essential that you own the copyright. Our model copyright a... Read more
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