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Notice of breach of covenant

 Notice of breach of covenantIf your tenant has broken one of the covenants in the lease, what happens next?  In essence, you have to serve what's called a s.146 Notice on them unless the breach is a non-payment of rent.  What type of breach?You're ... Read more

Rent deposit deed

 Rent deposit deedIt's not just residential leases where deposits are paid by an incoming tenant. The same can happen with a new business lease, particularly where the new tenant either can't provide an appropriate guarantor, or they prove to be unacc... Read more

Landlord's notice to exclude security of tenure

  Landlord's notice to exclude security of tenureIn a business lease it's possible for the landlord and tenant to agreed that there should be no security of tenure.  This is permitted under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 provided formal steps have... Read more

Office share agreement

  Office share agreementYou may have some spare office space that you believe you can share with another business and so ensure the space pays for itself.  Use an office share agreement to set out the arrangements. Great care needs to be used when... Read more


SubleaseYou may not be in a position to find anyone to take over the remaining term of your lease. However, there's every possibility that you may be able to find a tenant who's prepared to take a lease for a shorter period - a sublet. Use our form to ... Read more

Licence to occupy - landlord and tenant

Licence to occupyYou may want to allow a third party to share your business premises yet ensure you're not stuck with someone that you can't easily get rid of. A licence may be the answer and give youthe best of both worlds.LicenceThe beauty of a lice... Read more

Licence to assign

Licence to assignYour landlord's given you the nod to assign your lease. To ensure that there's no dispute that their permission has been granted, it's standard practice for all the parties to enter into a licence to assign at the same time as the lease... Read more

Licence to sublet

Licence to subletYour landlord's given you the go-ahead to sublet your premises. He will insist that you enter into a licence to sublet. Make sure you use the correct form for maximum protection and flexibility.AdviceIf your lease provides that your l... Read more

Tenancy at will

Tenancy at willIf you want to allow someone to occupy your business premises whilst the new lease is sorted out, consider using this form of agreement to protect your position.AdviceSometimes, when you're renting out business property, there's a need... Read more

The business lease whole of building

The business lease (whole of building)If you own the freehold to business premises, then you might, at some stage, want to rent out to a tenant. To do this properly and make your life easier, you'll need a business lease drawn up. Use our form of leas... Read more
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