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Second debt recovery letter

 Second debt recovery letterYou're owed money and your customer hasn't responded to your first letter requesting payment.  You don't want to issue proceedings yet because it's an important customer and you can't really afford to lose their business. Wha... Read more

Compromise agreement - debt recovery

   Compromise agreementWhen trying to resolve a dispute, there's often a need to bepragmatic and agree a compromise solution. Use our agreementto achieve a binding settlement.AdviceUnder English law, where a debt is owed, payment of a lesser amount... Read more

Pre-enforcement agents letter

Pre-enforcement agents letterYou've managed to get judgment and believe that the defendant has sufficient assets to be able to clear the debt. Use our letter to send to the defendant to request them to settle up before you send in the enforcement ... Read more

Request to court for payment of judgment post admission

Request for payment of judgment post-admissionThe defendant's admitted your claim and made an offer to pay which you find unacceptable. Use our letter to send to the court together with Form N205A giving your reasons why.AdviceThe defendant's completed... Read more

Acceptance of proposal to settle debt

Acceptance of proposal to settle debtYou're in the middle of litigation with a court hearing pending. You've just succeeded in settling your claim with the other side. Use our letter to wrap things up and bring about a conclusion to your case.AdviceSet... Read more

Letter to court enclosing form N1

Letter to court enclosing Form N1You're all set to issue your claim. Use our letter to the court - it will also act as a prompt to remind you what else you need to enclose to get your claim underway.AdviceAll claims have to be sent to the County Court... Read more

Letter to request court to enter judgment in default fixed amount

Letter to request court to enter judgment in default - fixed amountYou've issued your claim for an unpaid debt. The defendant hasn't filed a defence within the permitted timescale. Use our letter to send to court together with Form N225 in order to e... Read more

Letter to court to enter judgment not a fixed amount

Letter to court to request judgment - not a fixed amountYou've issued a claim but you're not in a position to fix the amount. The defendant's not filed a defence. Use our letter to send to the court with Form N205B to enter judgment against them in defa... Read more

Assignment of contract debt

 Assignment of contract debtPerhaps you've had enough of chasing a particular debt and have found someone who's prepared to pay you to take it off your hands? If so, use our form to formally assign the debt.AdviceAssigning a debt is dead easy. Once yo... Read more
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