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Written resolution

Written resolutionWritten resolutions can be used for the vast majority of shareholder decisions. Our blank model sets out the form for the resolution, which you can adapt to the decision in question.Using a written resolutionPrivate companies can us... Read more

Stock transfer form

Stock transfer formWhere a shareholder wants to sell their shares in the company, or give them away, they will need to complete a "stock transfer form". Statutory formThis is a statutory form that needs to be filled out when a shareholder sells their s... Read more

Sole director checklist

Sole director checklistThere are some specific things sole directors need to be aware of to ensure that their acts are valid and they do not incur personal liability.All by myselfHaving a sole director can work very well for lots of small companies. ... Read more

Shareholder resolutions summary

Shareholder resolutions summaryThere are two main types of shareholder resolution. Use our summary table to make sure you are meeting the various requirements to ensure that your shareholders' decisions are valid.Which resolution?Shareholders' decision... Read more

Shareholders' rights summary

Shareholders' rights summaryMany companies are unaware of the full extent of their shareholders' rights. It is important that companies can respond appropriately to attempts to exercise these rights, for example by knowing the relevant thresholds for d... Read more

Shareholder resolution at a meeting

Shareholder resolution at a meetingThis model can be used to record decisions made at shareholder meetings for a company's own records and to file at Companies House if necessary. Record keepingShareholders' decisions are made by resolution. This model... Read more

Share transfer checklist

Share transfer checklistThere are a several steps involved in transferring shares. Our checklist takes you through what the shareholder and company need to do. Selling or giving away sharesA share transfer is the process by which a shareholder (the "t... Read more

Register of directors and directors' residential addresses

Register of directors and register of directors' residential addressesAll companies must keep separate registers of directors and their residential addresses. Make sure yours is in the right format and includes all the relevant information.Why two reg... Read more

Register of shareholders

Register of shareholdersAll companies must keep a register of shareholders. Make sure yours is in the right format and includes all the relevant information.RequirementEvery company must keep a register of shareholders (also known as members). The in... Read more

Register of secretaries

Register of secretariesAll companies with a secretary must keep a register of their details. Make sure yours is in the right format and includes all the relevant information.Do we need to have a secretary?For private companies, there is no legal obli... Read more
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