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Introduction to this document

Minute of board resolution to

allot shares

An allotment of shares must be properly recorded in the board minutes. Our model shows you how.

Allotting shares

Once all of the necessary permissions are in place, the actual allotment of shares is made by the board. This must be properly minuted and recorded. As well as the allotments themselves, there are administrative steps that need to be taken.


Following an allotment, the company must:

  • file a return of allotment at Companies House on Form SH01, within one month of the allotment
  • if a new class of shares has been created, Form SH08 also needs to be filed at Companies House
  • update its register of members, or notify Companies House of the changes that need to be made to update its register if it is held on the central register (using Form EH06), within two months
  • prepare and issue share certificates for the new allotments, within two months.

The company secretary, or other person authorised to deal with the company’s statutory paperwork, usually carries out these tasks.