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Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation - letter to suppliers

Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation - letter to suppliersYou may need to write to organisations that you share data with, e.g. suppliers, to remind them about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its obligations.  Wh... Read more

Letter ending a contract

 Letter ending a contractWhat do you need to do to end a contract?  First of all dig out the agreement to check whether you can end it or not and what, if anything, you have to do to put this into effect.  What sort of notice?  Check the contract... Read more

Letter of confidentiality - mutual

 Letter of confidentiality (mutual)Letters of confidentiality, like confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements, aim to protect confidential information by requiring the recipient to keep it secret. A letter of confidentiality is really... Read more

Cease and desist letter

Cease and desist letterRather than rushing straight off to court if someone either defames you and or decides to use your intellectual property, you're expected to follow a reasonable and proportionate procedure by first writing to give them full deta... Read more

Letter assigning a contract

 Letter assigning a contractIt's perfectly possible to assign a contract by using a letter.  But it's important to realise that you're still bound by the original contract.  All you're doing is assigning the benefits under the contract to the third pa... Read more

Letter of intent

 Letter of intentLetters of intent are a way of expressing an intention to enter into a contract at a future date, usually on terms which have yet to be further negotiated and agreed.  Such communications are usually not intended to be legally bind... Read more

Letter proposing payment by instalment

Letter proposing payment by instalmentYou're suffering a cash-flow problem and own money to a third party. You're reasonable confident that you can pay this off bit by bit over a period of time. ProposalIf you find yourself in this position consider wr... Read more

Letter to solicitors

Letter to solicitorsIf you have a major dispute with someone, perhaps a customer or supplier, they may put their solicitors on the case before issuing legal proceedings. Our simple letter shows how you should respond without prejudicing your positio... Read more

Acknowledgement of alteration of terms to an order

Acknowledgement of alteration of terms to an orderIf your customer orders some goods but then subsequently changes their mind and decides to alter the terms of the order, use this letter to protect your position.AdviceMost order changes are made by ... Read more

Invoice reminder letter

Invoice reminder letterIf your customer has failed to pay your invoice (and you know the quality of your work and materials is good and that there is no business reason why they haven't paid), use this reminder letter to encourage payment and to cov... Read more
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