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Introduction to this document

Confidentiality agreement

If you’re allowing a third party to have access to your business information or data, ask them to keep what they find a secret. To do this get them to sign a confidentiality agreement. Use our contract in order to protect your business from unauthorised leaks.


Misusing confidential information is recognised as potentially giving rise to a claim for breach of confidence. Where this happens, and the offender is caught, it could lead to a large claim for damages, depending on the nature and importance of the confidential information that’s been used illegally.

Tip 1

When completing our contract, it’s important that you specify in as much detail as possible, the purpose for which you’re allowing a third party access to your confidential information. This may be helpful if there’s a breach.

Tip 2

If the third party whom you’re allowing access to your confidential information is a limited company, always make sure a director of the company signs the contract.

Tip 3

Don’t just rely on this document to protect you. Particularly if it’s a large organisation that you’re dealing with, you’ll need to establish exactly who is going to have access to your confidential information. Don’t be afraid to ask further questions, and if need be, have individual employees sign confidentiality agreements.