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Dividend checklist

When you want to pay a dividend, there are a number of considerations to take into account to ensure it is valid. Our checklist will help you to establish that your dividends are up to scratch. Dividends Dividends are amounts paid to shareholders out... Read more

Employee provision of home telephone policy

Employee - provision of home telephone policy If one or more of your employees work from home and need a landline phone for work purposes, you might agree to provide the equipment and pay the rent and call charges. HMRC may argue that a benefit in ki... Read more

Cars and car allowances policy

Cars and car allowances policy If you provide your employees with a car you can use a policy to set the terms and conditions of its use. If only a couple of employees have company cars, you might find it easier to include the provision in their contr... Read more

VAT - request for a written ruling

If you have a VAT problem and can't find the answer in any of HMRC's published guidance, you can ask it for a written ruling. However, HMRC is often reluctant to provide one and it usually directs you to its guidance. To ensure you obtain the written a... Read more

VAT return checklist

Making a mistake on your VAT return will result in under or overpaying VAT. This might mean losing out on VAT you can reclaim or underpaying which can result in financial penalties. Our VAT return checklist can help you reduce errors. What to put on ... Read more

PAYE - letter of disclosure

If HMRC has told you that one of its officers will be visiting you to carry out a PAYE compliance review, it's advisable to make your own check that your records are in good order. You should notify HMRC ahead of the visit of any errors which have res... Read more

PAYE compliance review date not convenient letter

PAYE compliance review - date not convenient letter HMRC carries out thousands of on-site PAYE compliance reviews at the employers' premises every year. The date proposed might not be convenient for you or your payroll staff and you are allowed to as... Read more

Request for closure of enquiry letter

Request for closure of enquiry letter If you believe you've given HMRC all the information it has requested, you can ask it to close the enquiry. Your first step is to write a letter asking for the enquiry to be closed or for details of the further in... Read more

Request for HMRC VAT internal review letter

HMRC operates a VAT internal review system to resolve disputes without the time or expenses involved with a formal appeal. If you wish to use this facility you should apply in writing to HMRC within 30 days of the assessment or decision with which yo... Read more

Election for pre-trading debits

Costs incurred on financing your company, e.g. loan interest, before it starts to trade are classed as non-trading debits. Normally, tax relief for these can only be obtained by offsetting them against non-trading credits, e.g. interest received, re... Read more
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