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Sample childcare voucher

Sample childcare voucher Where you offer your employees childcare vouchers as a benefit in kind, you can use a childcare voucher company to administer the scheme and provide the vouchers. Alternatively, you arrange childcare direct with registered ch... Read more

VAT appeal letter

VAT appeal letterIf you disagree with a VAT assessment or decision made by HMRC, you can, in most cases, appeal against it or ask for HMRC for a review to consider cancelling the appeal. An appeal should always be made in writing and usually within 3... Read more

Compensation claim letter

Compensation claim letterChances are that sometime in your dealings with HMRC he will make an error or be responsible for a delay that costs you money. In these circumstances you can you claim compensation for this.Making a complaintLet's say HMRC com... Read more

Checklist for challenging an HMRC business economics exercise

Checklist for challenging an HMRC business economics exerciseIn the pursuit of tax collection targets there is now a much greater willingness by HMRC to displace the profits shown by your accounts with an estimate based on a simple business economics... Read more

Staff suggestion scheme rules

Staff suggestion scheme rulesYou might want to reward your employees for certain ideas that contribute to the success of your business. Previously by concession, this is now a statutory exemption. However, there are conditions you'll have to meet.Fina... Read more

Salary sacrifice policy

Salary sacrifice policyIf you want to implement a salary sacrifice scheme in your company, make sure you insert the relevant policy in your staff handbook. Scheme particularsIncluding a Salary Sacrifice Policy in your staff handbook is important both... Read more

Product mix reconstruction

Product mix reconstructionWhen carrying out a business economics exercise, the tax inspector will often use an industry average mark-up of purchases to selling price to construct a sales figure. But this simple calculation doesn't take into account yo... Read more

Employees' incidental overnight expenses policy

Employees' incidental overnight expenses policyIf an employee has to stay away overnight on business, there are some tax and NI-free expense payments you can make. To achieve this you'll need to have a company policy in place to avoid an employee claim... Read more

Dividend waiver

Dividend waiverA dividend waiver is a document produced by a sharelder to show that they have given up (waived) their right to one or more dividends that they would otherwise be entitled to. A waiver can be used in income tax and inheritance tax plan... Read more

Employee homeworking expenses policy

Employee homeworking expenses policyThe increasing tendency for individuals to work from home raises the question of which home-related costs can be reimbursed tax free by an employer. So you'll need a company policy making it clear to your employees ... Read more
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