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Employees using their own cars for business policy

Employees using their own cars for business policyIf employees use their own vehicles for business journeys, you should have a company policy which spells out the situation regarding insurance, parking and mileage rates at which you will reimburse th... Read more

Golden hello payment letter

Golden hello payment letterAn inducement payment will sometimes be made to a new employee. Such a payment will normally be taxable. Exceptionally, it may be tax-free if you can demonstrate that the payment is not by reason of the employment. How can ... Read more

Appeal and postponement of direct tax

Appeal and postponement of direct taxThis standard letter can be used to make an appeal against any direct tax assessment, e.g. income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax etc., but not VAT, customs or other duties.How to use itThe time limit for ... Read more

Unincorporated business trading loss relief claim

Unincorporated business trading loss relief claimIf you've made a loss in your sole trade or partnership, you can claim relief for it against tax payable on your other income for that year or the year before. If any loss remains you can claim relief a... Read more

Letter to get a tax penalty reduced or suspended

Letter to get a tax penalty reduced or suspendedHMRC has the power to reduce a maximum tax penalty to take account of the nature and quality of any disclosure you have made about an "inaccuracy". How do you get this on the inspector's negotiating agenda... Read more

Alternative interest calculation method letter

Alternative interest calculation method letterWhere an employer provides a cheap rate or interest-free loan there's more than one way to work out the taxable benefit - the normal averaging method or the alternative precise method. You can elect to s... Read more

Changing interview notes

Changing interview notesIf you attend an enquiry interview, the tax inspector will make their own notes of what they "think" was said and use them against you if they can. They will probably try to get you to sign them as a true record of what came up ... Read more

PAYE settlement agreement letter

PAYE settlement agreement letterA PAYE settlement agreement (PSA) can be used where you want to meet the PAYE tax and Class 1A NI liability in respect of small or irregular taxable benefits you provide to your employees. Typically, you are most likel... Read more

Employee expenses policy

Employee expenses policyFrom 6 April 2016 responsibility for determining whether business expenses reimbursed to employees and directors are exempt of tax and NI rests with the employer. To aid with this it's good practice to have an expenses policy i... Read more

Mobile phone declaration

Mobile phone declarationThe old rule was that you could have as many mobile phones as you liked, tax and NI free. Now it's down to one per employee. If you have more than one, you will need to declare which one is to be your tax-exempt phone.Choose yo... Read more
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