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Employee equipment allowance

  Employee equipment allowanceWhere your employees use equipment for work which they personally own or rent, you can reimburse them the business element of their costs tax and NI free. Quantifying the amount you can pay without having to apply PAYE... Read more

Employee business mileage record

Employee business mileage recordEmployees and directors are required to keep a detailed record of journeys for which they receive a mileage allowance from their employer or where they claim a tax deduction for business travel. A copy of the record sh... Read more

Employee expenses claim form

Employee expenses claim formWhere an employee or director claims expenses from your business you should ask them to provide details for your accounting and tax records. The need to keep recordsEach employee who claims business expenses over the year ... Read more

VAT online filing checklist

VAT online filing checklistIf you miss the deadline for submitting your return or paying your VAT, you may be liable to pay a surcharge. Our checklist will help you avoid this type of trouble.Online submissionSince 1 April 2012 all businesses with a ... Read more

Purchase of own shares reporting letter

Purchase of own shares reporting letterRegardless of whether you have applied for advance clearance, where capital treatment has been applied to a share buy-back, you must report the transaction to HMRC.Reporting to HMRCOnce a share buy-back has take... Read more

Purchase of own shares clearance letter

Purchase of own shares clearance letterFor unquoted trading companies, the amount received by a shareholder on selling their shares back to the company may be treated as capital rather than as a distribution provided certain conditions are met. To pr... Read more

VAT option to tax covering letter

Option to tax letterRenting out land or buildings is usually exempt from VAT. This means you don't charge VAT to your tenants. The downside is that you might not be entitled to reclaim VAT on your property running expenses. By "opting to tax" the proper... Read more

VAT invoice checklist

VAT invoice checklistVAT regulations require that all registered businesses issue invoices which contain various pieces of information and details.Valid VAT invoicesIf you are registered for VAT, valid invoices are important for two main reasons:you ... Read more

PAYE compliance review audit checklist

PAYE compliance review checklistIf you receive a letter telling you that HMRC wants to carry out a compliance review of your payroll records, use our checklist in advance of HMRC's visit to review your records so that there are no surprises on the day... Read more

Consultancy agreement

Consultancy agreementIf you're a one-man service company, then you could be caught by IR35 if HMRC deems the contract between you and the client as one of employment rather than self-employment. Having a consultancy agreement in place can provide evid... Read more
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