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Election for entrepreneurs' relief to apply to QCBs

Election for entrepreneurs' relief to apply to QCBsWhen you sell a business the purchasing company might offer to pay you with loan notes. This is a loan arrangement but in the form of a security, i.e. like shares. The loan notes pay interest usually ... Read more

Payrolling benefits in kind letter to employee

Payrolling benefits in kind letter to employeeHMRC usually collects tax on benefits by adjusting an employee's code number so that extra tax is collected, through the PAYE system, each time they are paid salary. Payrolling achieves the same result but... Read more

Letter to HMRC - problems with online filing

Letter to HMRC  - problems with online filingIf you've missed the deadline for submitting your VAT return online (or paying your VAT electronically), you might be let off the hook where you can show this was caused by IT problems.Explain whyIf you we... Read more

Dividend voucher

Dividend voucherWhen your company pays a dividend it should provide each of the receiving  shareholders with a dividend voucher as a receipt for their records. Issue a voucherWhile not strictly necessary under company law, it's advisable for a compan... Read more

Value of goodwill calculator

Value of goodwill calculatorWhen you transfer a business to a limited company, you need to calculate the value of the goodwill in it. If HMRC doesn't agree with your valuation, the difference between its (lower) and your (higher) valuation will be tax... Read more

Company shares or securities reorganisation clearance letter

Company shares or securities reorganisation clearance letterWhere a company acquires 25% or more of the shares in another, or reorganises its share capital, it can ask for confirmation (clearance under s.138 Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992) tha... Read more

Employee equipment allowance

  Employee equipment allowanceWhere your employees use equipment for work which they personally own or rent, you can reimburse them the business element of their costs tax and NI free. Quantifying the amount you can pay without having to apply PAYE... Read more

Employee business mileage record

Employee business mileage recordEmployees and directors are required to keep a detailed record of journeys for which they receive a mileage allowance from their employer or where they claim a tax deduction for business travel. A copy of the record sh... Read more

Employee expenses claim form

Employee expenses claim formWhere an employee or director claims expenses from your business you should ask them to provide details for your accounting and tax records. The need to keep recordsEach employee who claims business expenses over the year ... Read more

VAT online filing checklist

VAT online filing checklistIf you miss the deadline for submitting your return or paying your VAT, you may be liable to pay a surcharge. Our checklist will help you avoid this type of trouble.Online submissionSince 1 April 2012 all businesses with a ... Read more
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