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Flow chart - paying an employee on termination of employment

Flow chart - paying an employee on termination of employmentWhere you pay an employee (or former employee) after they have stopped working for you, you must apply PAYE tax and NI. However, there are special rules for determining what tax code and NI ... Read more

Flow chart - trivial benefits exemption

Flow chart - trivial benefits exemptionThe trivial benefits exemption allows employers to make low value gifts and provide tax and NI-free perks to employees, directors and their families. Naturally, there are conditions but these have been made more... Read more

Structures and buildings allowance statement

Structures and buildings allowance statementIf you intend to claim the structures and buildings allowance, HMRC's guidance stipulates that a statement containing certain key information needs to be prepared.AllowancesHMRC's guidance indicates that to c... Read more

Settlement agreement

Settlement agreementWhen you want to prevent an employee from issuing proceedings in relation to the infringement of their statutory employment rights on termination of their employment, consider going down the settlement agreement route. This is an ... Read more

Business asset disposal relief checklist

Business asset disposal relief checklistWhen you sell or transfer all or part of your business you might be entitled to claim business asset disposal relief in respect of any capital gain you make. This means that the maximum rate of tax that will ap... Read more

Fixed asset register

Fixed asset registerCapital expenditure for accounting purposes doesn't always qualify for capital allowances (CAs) purposes. Use our fixed asset register to keep a record of purchases so that you and your accountant can review them each year.Property... Read more

Partnership cross option clause

Partnership cross option clauseIn the event of the untimely death of one of the major partners, the surviving members probably won't want the partnership interest to go to the deceased's beneficiaries unless they are already involved in runnin... Read more

Election to accelerate transitional charge

Election to accelerate transitional chargeWhere you change from calculating your rental business profits and losses from the cash to the accruals basis, you are required to make a one-off adjustment. This is known as the transitional adjustment, whic... Read more

Employee homeworking expenses policy

Employee homeworking expenses policyThe increasing tendency for individuals to work from home raises the question of which home-related costs can be reimbursed tax free by an employer. So you'll need a company policy making it clear to your employees ... Read more

Spouse's job description

Spouse's job descriptionA business can pay a salary to the spouse or other family member of its owner if they work for it. Having a formal job description will help justify the amount paid if HMRC decides to challenge it.spouse's payThe wages paid to a... Read more
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