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Staff suggestion scheme record

Staff suggestion scheme recordTax rules permit employers to pay employees a tax and NI-free sum for suggestions to improve the busines. Keep a separate record of such payments to help justify the tax and NI treatment should HMRC make enquiries.Log t... Read more

Termination payment minutes

Termination payment minutesYou can use company law formalities to support your case that a termination payment is not ordinary earnings and hence not taxable (up to a £30,000 limit). What's involved?Ex gratia minutesIf possible, agreement to make a t... Read more

Employee personal appreciation gift letter

Employee personal appreciation gift letterThere are very few circumstances in which an employee can receive tax-free cash from an employer. But a gift made "on personal grounds" or as a "mark of appreciation" might be one of them. How do you go about pro... Read more

Register of child carers

Register of child carersHMRC imposes a fairly strict record-keeping regime on employers who provide their staff with subsidised childcare as a benefit in kind. For example, the tax and NI exemption which can apply is only given where the childcare is... Read more

Salary sacrifice letter to employee

Salary sacrifice letter to employeeWhere you enter into a salary sacrifice arrangement with an employee it will only be effective for tax and NI purposes where you have notified them of the consequences. Benefit in kind instead of salarySince 6 April... Read more
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