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Entrepreneurs' relief checklist

Entrepreneurs' relief checklistWhen you sell or transfer all or part of your business you might be entitled to claim entrepreneurs' relief in respect of any capital gain you make. This means that the maximum rate of tax that will apply will be 10%. How... Read more

Claim for a capital loss for repayment of a loan as guarantor

Claim for payment under a guaranteeOne way of helping a growing business is to act as guarantor to its loan finance. If things don't turn out as planned and you are called upon to make good some or all of the loan, you may be able to make a claim to t... Read more

Value of goodwill calculator

Value of goodwill calculatorWhen you transfer a business to a limited company, you need to calculate the value of the goodwill in it. If HMRC doesn't agree with your valuation, the difference between its (lower) and your (higher) valuation will be tax... Read more

Company shares or securities reorganisation clearance letter

Company shares or securities reorganisation clearance letterWhere a company acquires 25% or more of the shares in another, or reorganises its share capital, it can ask for confirmation (clearance under s.138 Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992) tha... Read more

Election to transfer gain or loss to other group company

 Election to transfer gain or loss to another group company Where a company makes a capital gain or loss in respect of an asset, it may jointly elect with another company within the same group to transfer the gain or loss to that company. The effect... Read more

Unincorporated business trading loss relief claim

Unincorporated business trading loss relief claimIf you've made a loss in your sole trade or partnership, you can claim relief for it against tax payable on your other income for that year or the year before. If any loss remains you can claim relief a... Read more
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