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Service charges

What's a service charge?Service charges can be punitive. But the good news is that the landlord can't charge them unless the lease allows it. Use this checklist to be sure of your position.  ... Read more

Looking for property

Where do we start looking? These days there are countless places to look for property. This checklist should help ensure you don't waste too much time on the process. ... Read more

How leases work

How does a lease work?A leasehold agreement is a contract. However, as it relates to land, it will often contain unfamiliar language and all sorts of traps for the unwary. This checklist will help you stay out of trouble. ... Read more

Business rates

How are business rates set?You can't escape business rates but you need to be sure you're not paying too much either! ... Read more

Planning and building regulations

How should we deal with planning and building regulations?Planning and building regulations are a fact of life and may serve to limit what you can do with your property. Work through this checklist to flag up the most important considerations. ... Read more


What's the position on insurance?You can't assume that the landlord will take care of all the insurance for the building. If you do, you might find yourself on the end of a claim that you have to pay yourself.  ... Read more

Anything else to remember

Anything else to remember?A final checklist to help ensure you haven't overlooked anything - something that's easy to do when there are so many things to consider. ... Read more

Problems with landlords

What if we have problems with the landlord?For the most part, landlords want to get on well with their tenants. But sometimes the relationship breaks down. Use this checklist for pointers on how to deal with such a problem.  ... Read more

Funding the purchase

How should we fund the purchase?How you fund the purchase will depend on a variety of factors. Use this checklist to consider the basic options. If nothing else, it might help to eliminate them. ... Read more


What are the options?When it comes to choosing suitable premises for your business, the options are fairly limited. For complete control, you might opt for freehold but for more flexibility, something like serviced accommodation might fit the bill.... Read more
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