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MaternityIt's important to be fully aware of a pregnant employee's rights and to be able to handle things properly and correctly. Use this checklist to work through what's required of you.  ... Read more


SicknessDealing with sickness absence is a perennial problem for most employers. Use this checklist to help keep the impact to a minimum. ... Read more

How to discipline an employee

How to discipline an employeeFrom time-to-time, you will need to discipline members of staff. There is a right and a wrong way of going about this. Use this checklist to ensure you do things the right way. ... Read more

Preventing discrimination and harassment claims

Preventing discrimination and harassment claimsThese are to be avoided at all costs. Quite apart from generating adverse publicity, they can be very costly as there's no cap on the amount of compensation that can be awarded. This checklist will help a... Read more

PAYE and National Insurance

PAYE and National Insurance As an employer you are responsible for deducting both income tax and National Insurance contributions (NIC) from your employee's salary. Failure to do so could result in you being fined as well as being liable for any unpai... Read more

Hours of work, rest breaks and holidays

Hours of work, rest breaks and holidaysAll these areas are covered by legislation known as the Working Time Directive (WTD). Make sure you know what the WTD says and that you keep proper records so as to avoid getting into problems and disputes with ... Read more


RecruitmentThe task of recruiting the right person for your business is not to be underestimated. There are various ways of going about this. Make sure you are clear before you start the process about what you want and who you're looking for.... Read more


AppraisalsMeaningful appraisals are all about reviewing your employees' performance and potential. It should be a two-way process. To ensure your appraisals achieve their objectives, use this checklist as a guide. ... Read more

Contracts of employment

Contracts of employmentNot only are they essential so that both you and the employee know where you stand but also the legislation insists upon you giving certain basic terms. Use this checklist to make sure you're fully compliant.... Read more


InterviewingInterviewing candidates is your opportunity to get to know them and to assess whether or not they are going to be suitable for the business. To ensure you choose the right candidate, use this checklist to remind yourself what's involved an... Read more
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