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ContractsThere's so much confusion surrounding the legal status of a contract - in fact, there are four essential elements to any contract. This checklist shows you how to form contracts that won't leave you wanting. ... Read more

Employers' Liability insurance (ELI)

Employers' Liability insuranceIf you employ one or more employees, then you must have Employers' Liability insurance (ELI) in place. You must be insured for at least £5m and have the policy displayed where your employees can see it.... Read more

Personal protection

Personal protectionPersonal protective equipment (PPE) is all about making sure your employees are wearing the right type of equipment to protect them against risks to their health or safety. Use this checklist to ensure your PPE remains effective.... Read more

Suitable premises

Are the premises suitable?Use this checklist to help marshal your thoughts so that you can decide upon something suitable.  ... Read more

What should your terms and conditions include

What should your terms and conditions include? This checklist includes all the essentials of a contract (needed to protect your position) and several that you can include to suit the needs of your business.  ... Read more


How much rent should we pay?No one in business wants to pay any more rent than they have to. You need to check the leasehold agreement to see what the landlord can get away with. ... Read more

How to deal with late payment

How to deal with late payment Late payment is the bane of any business. Whilst you can't physically force your customers to pay on time you can at least make life easy for them and be sure of your own position.  ... Read more

Carrying out a risk assessment

Carrying out a risk assessment All employers are required to carry out risk assessments. Use this checklist to guide you through what they should cover.... Read more

Using external help

Using external helpFor various reasons, you've decided not to go it alone. Where else can you turn to for help and assistance in trying to recover the debt? Use this checklist to run through your options. ... Read more

Leasehold premises

Why should we consider leasehold premises?A leasehold premises can offer many advantages over a freehold - but there are pitfalls too. You need  to be aware of them all to be able to make a balanced decision.  ... Read more
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