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Funding the purchase

How should we fund the purchase?How you fund the purchase will depend on a variety of factors. Use this checklist to consider the basic options. If nothing else, it might help to eliminate them. ... Read more


PreventionIn an ideal world you'd want to be paid on time by every customer. Of course, there's no guarantee that you will achieve this, but use this checklist as a precaution to ensure you are not saddled with having to chase up too many slow or non-p... Read more

How to factor your debts

How to factor your debtsDebt factoring can be a convenient way of improving cash flow and removing risk. But it's not always straightforward so use this checklist to ensure you get the best deal.  ... Read more


DividendsAll shareholders will expect to receive a dividend. Can they be paid out at any time, irrespective of the financial standing of the company? This checklist will keep you on the straight and narrow.... Read more


InterviewingInterviewing candidates is your opportunity to get to know them and to assess whether or not they are going to be suitable for the business. To ensure you choose the right candidate, use this checklist to remind yourself what's involved an... Read more


DirectorsDirectors play a key role in any company but what are the different types and what are their key responsibilities?... Read more

How to handle complaints

How to handle complaintsEffective complaint handling is essential to ensure a good business reputation and a strong order book. Done well, it can even lead to fresh sales.  ... Read more

Why form a company

Why form a company?A limited company can offer you valuable protection from person liability. But what are the other benefits?... Read more

Chasing the non-payer

Chasing the non-payerIf you've a customer who simply won't pay, use this checklist to try to persuade them to settle your overdue account without the need to take them to court. ... Read more


What are the options?When it comes to choosing suitable premises for your business, the options are fairly limited. For complete control, you might opt for freehold but for more flexibility, something like serviced accommodation might fit the bill.... Read more
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