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What is a shareholder?Shareholders often provide valuable investment in a company. But what's their full legal position?... Read more

Health and safety policy checklist

Health and safety policyThis must be the bedrock of your health and safety culture. It's a legal requirement in any event if you employ five or more staff, and it involves you putting together a written statement to set out how you will manage health ... Read more

Pregnancy and health and safety

Pregnancy and health and safetyAccording to research, 97% of pregnancy-related tribunal claims involve a failure to carry out a risk assessment. To make sure you don't fall into that category, use this checklist to keep your business out of tribunal. ... Read more

How to protect your company name

How do we protect our company name?To ensure maximum protection for your company's name, you need to take a proactive approach - include it on all business correspondence and check the register at Companies House from time to time. ... Read more

Business rates

How are business rates set?You can't escape business rates but you need to be sure you're not paying too much either! ... Read more

General fire safety

General fire safetyFollowing a change in the law on April 1 2006, fire certificates were abolished. Now you are responsible for carrying out a fire risk assessment in order to ensure your premises are safe. Use  his checklist to help you take the ne... Read more

Hours of work, rest breaks and holidays

Hours of work, rest breaks and holidaysAll these areas are covered by legislation known as the Working Time Directive (WTD). Make sure you know what the WTD says and that you keep proper records so as to avoid getting into problems and disputes with ... Read more

Planning and building regulations

How should we deal with planning and building regulations?Planning and building regulations are a fact of life and may serve to limit what you can do with your property. Work through this checklist to flag up the most important considerations. ... Read more

How to get paid on time

How to get paid on time There are no real secrets to prompt payment. But following some basic rules will certainly help.  ... Read more

Getting your publicity right

Getting your publicity rightYou are legally required to ensure your website sets out certain details about your business. Use this checklist to make sure the publicity on your site is right up-to-date. ... Read more
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