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Manual handling

Manual handlingYou are legally required to assess the risks employees face when lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling objects. This should form part of your general risk assessment. Use this checklist to make sure this  s fully addressed in your ris... Read more


Publicity The law requires you to display certain information about your business in a variety of places. You need to take care here as directors can become personally liable.  ... Read more

How companies work

How do companies work? Companies are governed by their own set of rules and regulations that you need to be aware of  and comply with.... Read more

What to pay your employee

What to pay your employeeYou are quite at liberty to pay your employees whatever you like, subject to complying with the National Minimum Wage. However, to retain your best staff, you might need to pay above the going market rate, provided your busin... Read more

Directors' liability

Directors' liabilityLimited liability should mean that a director cannot be personally liable for the actions of the ­company. But it's not always so straightforward - use this checklist to see why.... Read more

Chasing the slow payer

Chasing the slow payerIt's essential to get the money in on time. Use this checklist to go about things the right way when it comes to getting your slow payers to cough up. ... Read more

What can be trade marked

What can be trade marked? Make sure you know what protection is available before you embark on what might be an expensive and time consuming exercise. ... Read more

Leavers and the exit interview

Leavers and the exit interviewWhen you lose staff, make sure that any departure is handled as smoothly and as professionally as possible, including carrying out an exit interview.... Read more

What are intellectual property rights

What are intellectual property rights?Intellectual property (IP) can allow you to own things you create in a similar way to owning physical property. You can control the use of your IP, and use it to gain reward. This encourages further innovation an... Read more

How to protect copyright

How do we protect our copyright? This checklist will help ensure you follow all the steps necessary to protect your copyright, e.g. not disclosing your idea to a third party without them first having signed a copyright agreement.  ... Read more
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