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How to get paid on time

How to get paid on time There are no real secrets to prompt payment. But following some basic rules will certainly help.  ... Read more

Dos and dont's with clients and customers

Dos and don'ts with clients and customersThe customer is always right! Actually, they're not. But following our basic dos and don'ts should help ensure a trouble-free relationship. ... Read more

Dealing with your bank

Dealing with your bankBanks are solely in the business of making money so make sure you're aware of their charges. Check statements carefully. ... Read more

How to factor your debts

How to factor your debtsDebt factoring can be a convenient way of improving cash flow and removing risk. But it's not always straightforward so use this checklist to ensure you get the best deal.  ... Read more

How to handle complaints

How to handle complaintsEffective complaint handling is essential to ensure a good business reputation and a strong order book. Done well, it can even lead to fresh sales.  ... Read more

Choosing a supplier

Choosing a supplier It might sound obvious, but it's vital you choose the right supplier - otherwise you might be stuck in an agreement that you can't get out of. ... Read more


ContractsThere's so much confusion surrounding the legal status of a contract - in fact, there are four essential elements to any contract. This checklist shows you how to form contracts that won't leave you wanting. ... Read more

What should your terms and conditions include

What should your terms and conditions include? This checklist includes all the essentials of a contract (needed to protect your position) and several that you can include to suit the needs of your business.  ... Read more

How to deal with late payment

How to deal with late payment Late payment is the bane of any business. Whilst you can't physically force your customers to pay on time you can at least make life easy for them and be sure of your own position.  ... Read more


Publicity The law requires you to display certain information about your business in a variety of places. You need to take care here as directors can become personally liable.  ... Read more
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